how to assign 8 channels in CANoe

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how to assign 8 channels in CANoe

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Here i am trying to set up the simulation testing environment in CANoe, with two vector devices (VN1630A, each has 4 CAN channels, two devices shall have 8 channels.) connected to my windows host.

Then I start CANoe and go to Hardware and set channel usage to number 8, cause i want to use 8 channels and all of the channels connected to a gateway. Then i go to Vector Hardware Config, i only found  4 channels there can be configured to the application. There are supposed to be 8 channels. For example, if i set channel usage number to 8, then there should be have channels named as CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, CAN4, CAN5, CAN6, CAN7, CAN8 and then i assign each of those channel with the real vector device hardware channel. However, i only see CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, CAN4....what's missing..???

Thanks and i am looking forward to hearing some suggestions on this.