CAN stack (CANEbedded) for RH850/FL

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CAN stack (CANEbedded) for RH850/FL

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I am working on the CAN driver implementation and found the driver is not able to transmit data on the BUS(Both Tx and Rx is not happening).

Target: RH850/FL (144 pin)/ 4 CAN channels and using CAN2
Simulation environment : CANoe (CAN case XL hardware interface) and sending one frame CANoe at 100ms.
CAN buad rate : 500kbps.
CAN clock is using MainOsc (as per data sheeting naming)

Please find the debug findings below:
- Cantransmit function is writing Data and ID to register and setting transmit request (verified the register TMC32).

- Verified the error register (C2EFL) and found following error bits are set.

       - Arbitration lost

       - Stuff error

      - Bus line error
- When shorting the CAN_H and CAN_L, bus off error is detecting and CAN2 error interrupt is trigerring

- Verified the Pin Configuration and looks fine (Configured as CAN Tx and Rx)

Please advice me how to proceed further.

I really appreciate quick response.

Please let me know if you need any more additional info.

Thanks in advance!!!